Colin VT Johnson

Three Pillars of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Effectiveness

My career in building new ventures started with design thinking in Stanford University’s Product Design department. My early career in technology innovation at GM/Delphi, HP, ADL and a think tank in Tokyo evolved into a 20-year focus on launching or leading startups that commercialized innovative technologies — two in aviation and a third in market research. Along the way, I learned countless lessons — including the realization that entrepreneurs appreciate and benefit from my help and coaching.

My commitment to the Three Pillars comes from my years in the entrepreneurial trenches. I now focus exclusively on building new ventures and democratizing the three key disciplines of entrepreneurship: command of self, command of opportunity, and command of organization.

I work in English, Spanish and Japanese. I earned my MBA from Columbia Business School.

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Colin VT Johnson – Founder and Chief Advisor

From my years in the trenches, I determined that there are three core disciplines that are particularly helpful for entrepreneurial success.  These three appear below.  Entrepreneurs with a decent grounding in these three disciplines will beat the odds of startup success.

While each of these disciplines in isolation will enhance outcomes for entrepreneurs and executives, capturing the interaction effects of each pillar with the other two puts a multiplier on personal and professional results.

The remaining standard subjects of business training (accounting, finance, marketing, etc.) are easy to fill in once the foundation of these three disciplines is solid.

Command of the Opportunity

Entrepreneurs often believe that  the power of their personal conviction will sustain their business. Instead, systematic methods can guide an entrepreneur to focus in on a singular compelling product/market fit, a business model to sustain it, and customers willing to pay for it.

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Command of the Organization

Once the entrepreneur verifies the exact product/market fit, mobilizing others to help the entrepreneur achieve this goal may not come naturally to some.  Tried and true methods of getting an entire team on the same page, maintaining accountability and tracking progress are essential.

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Command of the

The entrepreneur’s journey can be harrowing.  Solid grounding in personal leadership and mastery gives the entrepreneur well-stores of resilience, objectivity to maintain perspective through trying times, and a leadership style that inspires customers and employees alike.

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