We train and coach mindful entrepreneurs and executives to cultivate Command of the Opportunity, the Organization, and the Self. These are the Three Pillars from which we take our name.


We leverage our decades in the entrepreneurial trenches to offer coaching, training and advisory services in the three pillars of entrepreneurship and organizational effectiveness: Command of the Opportunity, the Organization, and the Self. While each of these disciplines in isolation will enhance outcomes for entrepreneurs and executives, capturing the interaction effects of each pillar with the other two puts a multiplier on personal and professional results.


  • We cultivate Command of the Opportunity with our Product/Market Expedition Program.
  • We cultivate Command of the Organization with our Business Operations and Scaling Program.
  • We cultivate Command of the Self with our Leadership Inventory and Development Program.


Our services work because we attend to the Three Pillars – the three core disciplines of entrepreneurial and business success: Command of the Opportunity, the Organization, and the Self. Most challenges that our clients face have their origins in one or more of these three categories. We start where you have the most interest, and then we comfortably shift into other areas as your interests and needs evolve.


You are an executive, entrepreneur or individual who wants more out of your efforts.

Have you asked the right questions?
Are you headed in the direction you really want to go?
Are you achieving your greatest impact?


Reach out to me directly by filling out this webform to get mutually acquainted, and ascertain if there is a fit.


We start our coaching engagements with a third-party inventory of communication styles, motivations, competencies and problem solving ability. This assessment costs us $250 to administer to you. Complete the questionnaire (which takes 45-60 minutes), and we’ll send you the report, and give you a phone-based verbal overview debrief of the report at no additional cost. If you don’t get $250 worth of value from the report and debrief, we’ll refund you the difference between what you paid and what you think it was worth…no questions asked…up to a 100% refund. We are so confident that you’ll benefit from the report that we will eat our out-of-pocket costs if you feel that you didn’t benefit.

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and can travel from Marin to the South Bay.  If the logistics of an in-person meeting prove to be too challenging, today’s digital web-conferencing technology provides a global reach.



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