Command of the Organization


Ever wonder why some management books deeply resonate with one leader, and yet appear to be nonsense to someone else?  

It turns out that when it comes to organization design, one size does NOT fit all.  

Some leaders personally claim and retain effectively all decision-making authority.  Some empower their employees with their authority, effectively “lending” their authority.  Still others, albeit a small but growing minority of leaders, insist that authority resides with their employees right from the start.   



This program matches the skills and styles of a leadership team to the characteristics of appropriate organizational structure and processes. It then designs an implementation plan for the identified changes that will increase the effectiveness of the organization given how the leadership team sees the world. With everyone in the organization operating from the same playbook, company accomplishments accelerate.

This comprehensive program catalogs the predispositions and aspirations of the leadership, and then audits the organization for operational improvements across departments and disciplines.  Some topics we typically map to the dispositions of the leadership include: 

  1. Organizational Hierarchy
  2. Coordination practices among leadership and with rank and file employees
  3. Project management
  4. Administration practices and staff
  5. Hiring
  6. New employee processes
  7. Employee development
  8. Work content and employee titles
  9. Policies promoting work/life balance
  10. Performance measurement
  11. Compensation
  12. Career advancement and job assignments
  13. Firing
  14. Work environments
  15. Meeting protocols
  16. Processes of how decisions get made
  17. Processes of resolving conflicts
  18. Information sharing
  19. Company values
  20. Support of employee social/emotional health and community
  21. Organizational purpose
  22. Processes and responsibilities for setting strategy and direction
  23. New project development
  24. Vendor selection and management
  25. Procurement
  26. Investing
  27. Branding
  28. Customer outreach
  29. Sales processes
  30. Sales targets
  31. Planning and budgeting
  32. Cost tracking and control
  33. Corporate citizenship
  34. Management of change
  35. Management of crisis

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